Strategy for Business… with Al Ramos 
The right move to grow business profits & value.

Chess’ founder – Al Ramos, is a Canberra based advisor with over 35 years local, national & international experience, advising, coaching & mentoring private business owners & their teams to achieve 3 key goals:-

Profit Growth

to suitably reward stakeholders for their investment & risk.

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Business Value Growth

to raise your exit options & price

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Value Realization

to help build wealth & fuel improved quality of life choices!

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Paul Murphy - Testimonial for Al Ramos, Business Advisor, Canberra
Paul Murphy – Managing Director, Project Coordination (Australia) Pty Ltd Canberra

Al Ramos has made a significant contribution to our business’ dramatic improvement… he has helped us change our thoughts about the best direction for our business; – develop a strong Plan to guide us; AND – helped give us the confidence to drive it in the chosen direction, with outstanding results.  

One of the most valuable aspects of his contribution is the commercial business acumen he brings… Read More >

Dr Mark Ethell - Testimonial for Al Ramos, Business Coach, Canberra
Dr Mark Ethell – Director, Canberra Veterinary Hospital & VetShare Ltd

If you want your business to be a pleasure to manage and profitable to own then engaging Al Ramos to partner with you on that journey is a ‘no-brainer’. If you also want to create wealth along the way and achieve financial independence then you can’t afford not to have Al coach you.  

Al has been an important part of the growth and development of my Canberra Veterinary Group of practices… Read More >.

 Client Feedback…

“I approached Al to help me refocus on moving forward strategically to fulfil personal and business goals. His patience and persistence has helped me gradually integrate changes into the business strategy that have freed me up to keep improving my knowledge and skills as a financial planner.

Prior to commencing the business coaching program my business was a mid-table performer in a national network of over 250 members, now I regularly place in the top 10 and even more importantly, I have been able to take more holidays than I had in the 20 years prior!

Al has also assisted my team with motivation and working together to achieve our business goals. They have greatly benefited from his coaching and he makes each of them feel valued and a key part of the business moving forward in a positive direction.

John Carberry, Founder, Retire Invest Advice, Canberra South

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Why Us?… Because WE’VE DONE IT!

Our significant library of proven expertise, resources & tools has been gathered from very practical experiences:-

– Coaching private businesses over 30 years;
– Successfully setting up, growing & selling our own professional services business
– More than 10 years in senior leadership corporate roles; AND
– By tapping into world-ranking expertise through our strategic networks.

All focused on helping you & your team raise your capabilities to navigate the uncertain times whilst optimising the performance of your business.

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Your journey of success awaits, let us help you navigate towards it…
make the right move!

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